Aquent is a staffing company which specializes in placing talent in marketing and creative industries. The Aquent Invoicing Platform was a business operations project, focused on creating an invoicing tool for the company's billing staff. The tool allows a project manager to create invoices via information pulled from timecards. The draft invoice is sent to a billing specialist for review and ultimately approved and sent to the client. For this product I served as the lead designer and the sole creator of visual assets, from wireframes to final designs.
The platform's purpose is to automate a process which was previously done manually via emails between external clients and multiple Aquent employees. Throughout the design process, I worked with my product manager to conduct user interviews of the platform's end users—in this case, Aquent's project managers and operations specialists. From those users we came to understand the platform's requirements and the complexity of the invoicing process. 

Create an invoice page (left) and Saved invoices list page (right)

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